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SunPower completes massive parking structure solar installation in Texas
2021/2/23 11:02:37

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They say that everything is bigger in Texas. while this is true for the wide open prairies 72-oz. steaks, apparently it is true for solar  as well. Because when Toyota decided to do solar at their new North American headquarters, they weren’t thinking small.

Today SunPower  announced that it has completed a massive PV system  comprising 20,000 of the company’s E-Series modules mounted atop four parking garages at Toyota Motor North America’s new headquarters in Plano, Texas. The E-Series PV modules offer around 20% average conversion efficiency, as some of the most powerful PV modules commercially available.

The 8.8 MW plant is expected generate enough electricity to meet around 33% of the dem at Toyota’s headquarters, Toyota will buy the power from SunPower through a long-term power contract. The installation will additionally help Toyota to meet its LEED Platinum goal for the facility.

The plant in Plano is one of the largest commercial solar installations in Texas, the fourth that SunPower has built for Toyota. This goes all the way back to a solar array SunPower installed for Toyota in Southern California in 2003.

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